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New divisions to enhance service capabilities for construction companies.

CD Specialty Contractors (CD), a leading national industrial and commercial insulation and scaffolding contractor, announces the launching of its Swing Stage Scaffolding and Modular Safety Rail Divisions to expand the range of services for its customers. 

Swing stage scaffolding is suspended from a structure’s roof rather than built from the ground up like systems scaffolding, providing superior flexibility for various needs. It features a motorized platform attached to cables, like those used for window washing, allowing for movement up and down the exterior of a building. Swing staging is ideal for use during the construction or renovation of high-rise buildings and for painters, glazers, drywallers, electricians, and other installers needing access to vast areas of a project. 

CD’s Modular Safety Rail Division will utilize the SwitchRail system developed by SwitchRail Safety Systems, LLC, a global provider of modular safety rail systems to the construction industry. SwitchRail are temporary guard rails primarily for securing leading edges or roofing perimeters that allow workers to function high on a structure without having to be fully harnessed, providing safety while allowing maximum worker mobility. The system is uniquely designed to anchor into a wall, making it more secure than typical wooden railings. 

“We wanted to provide even more comprehensive service for our scaffolding customers, and the swing stages and modular safety systems were a natural fit,” said Jeff Voss, senior vice president with CD Specialty Contractors. “Our customers will benefit from the added flexibility, time saving, cost efficiency, and safety afforded by swing stage scaffolding and SwitchRail.”

CD is one of the few companies in the Rocky Mountain region offering swing stages and SwitchRail guard rails, and recently used the systems on projects at UCHealth and Coors Field.